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About Counselling, Psychotherapy and Healing

What is Counselling?

It is difficult to distinguish between counselling and psychotherapy since both processes compliment each other. However, generally counselling tends to be used for shorter term work where it is organised into stages - beginning, middle and end. Within each stage different strategies and processes are used in order for you to engage in an exploration of your issues. This structure helps you to reorientate your understanding of your difficulties from a more empowering perspective and implement positive change.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy tends to focus on deeper issues which involves working with the client's unconscious. Your unconscious often manifests itself in your dreams and imagination. This therapeutic process often explores your past including infancy, childhood, and adolescence in order to find out how it is affecting your daily life. It allows you to reappraise your present circumstances and gives you the power to rediscover your true sense of self.

What Benefits can be Expected?

There are many potential benefits from counselling and psychotherapy. It can potentially:

  • Increase confidence
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Develop self-acceptance
  • Develop self-forgiveness
  • Increase positive thinking
  • Enable you to become more assertive
  • Develop your ability to stand back and reflect on your life
  • Help gain clarity and understanding of your personal/relationship/family issues
  • Process painful feelings and experiences
  • Allow you to manage and overcome your anxiety
  • Allow you to manage and overcome your depression
  • Give you the ability to take control of yourself/life
  • Increase your security and safety in life
  • Develop your optimism, determination and resilience
  • Identify your talents, qualities and gifts
  • Give you the skills to cope with disappointments and setbacks
  • Identify your beliefs, values and principles
  • Develop your rational and reasoning abilities
  • Develop your ability to nurture and nourish yourself
  • Find more meaning and purpose in your life

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